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It was a crazy weekend as Empower Wrestling made its way to the South for the first time!

January 31, 2020 Landmark Arena Cornelia, GA

Amber Nova, making her Empower Wrestling debut defeated Layna Lennox via pinfall to secure her first victory.

Vita Vonstarr continued her impressive run with a singles win over the most colorful wrestler ever, Gabby Gilbert.

In a match of debuting talent, Anna Jayy squared off against Sarah the Rebel. While both athletes shined in this match, ultimately Sarah the Rebel won thanks to a very strategically placed short arm clothesline.

The tag team division was lit as an injured Angel Sinclair was forced to vacate her tag titles making way for a lucha rules style 4 way between Hex (Nina Monet and Ravana Xin w/ Mother Endless), Candy Cartwright and her bff Nikki Addams, the debuting Renegade Twins with Ayla Fox, and Diamante and Kiera Hogan. This match was action packed from bell to bell but ultimately saw Candy Cartwright steal the victory from Kiera and Diamante making her and Nikki Addams the second Empower Tag Team Champions!

The W.O.A.D Double D Rose put the entire Empower Roster on notice by defeating Diety.

The main event saw a special attraction match between the WSU Champion Brittany Blake and the Empower Champion Kasey Catal. While Brittany dominated most of the match, the ever cheating Kasey got what was coming to her as she ate the hard end of her own kendo stick causing Brittany Blake to be disqualified.

February 1, 2020 ProSouth Arena, Piedmont, AL

The second night of the southern tour found Empower Wrestling in the wonderful state of Alabama.

Vita Vonstarr has to start being looked at in the title picture after another impressive win, this time over her one time tag partner Layna Lennox.

Nina Monet and Mother Endless were shocked in their defeat to the Renegade Twins.

Amber Nova scored her second straight Empower Wrestling victory with hr win over Anna Jay.

Danni Jordyn and Kenzie Paige both made their Empower debuts and had a banger of a match that saw Kenzie come out on top.

Brittany Blake, still with Kasey's kendo stick in tow, defeated Sarah The Rebel then Double D Rose as she continued to call out the surprisingly absent Kasey Catal.

In the Main Event, Candy Cartwright and Nikki Addams defended their Tag Team Championships against Diamante and Kiera Hogan. Diamante and Kiera proved too much for Candy and she dragged Nikki Addams out of the ring and got counted out losing the match but retaining their championships!

Both nights are available on Fite TV

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