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Hunnies win Tag Titles, only to turn on each other!

The Platinum Hunnies went into the match against the team of Davienne and Christina Marie as the clear favorites since they have been dominating tag divisions all over the north east. While Davienne and Christina Marie did everything they could to keep the Hunnies isolated from each other, ultimately their plan backfired and the Platinum Hunnies became the very first Empower Wrestling Tag Team Champions!

Inexplicably, during the title presentation, Angel Sinclair turned on her partner and left her laying in the center of the ring.

We caught up with Angel in the locker room where she clarified that she felt as if she had been carrying the team and Ava "stole her pin". We attempted to get a response from Ava, but she was under the care of our medical staff and was unable to give us a comment at that time. Stay tuned for updates as they become available!

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