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The Team of Davienne and Christina Marie defeat Rainbow Bright (Gabby Gilbert and Luscious Latasha)

The first ever tag team match in Empower Wrestling history told an interesting story. On one side, you have the experienced, championship quality team of Rainbow Bright who, at times, seem like they are really there more to have fun than to wrestle. Conversely, their opponents had never tagged together before, but the allure of a shot at the Empower Tag Team Championships brought them together.

Throughout the match it was clear that Christina Marie and Davienne have a lot to learn if they are going to exist as a team, but they were able to eek out a victory through the sheer strength advantage they had over a much more experienced team earning them a shot at the tag titles on September 26th at White Eagle Hall in Jersey City. I wouldn't discount Rainbow Bright in the future, they have proven themselves to be a very formidable team in promotions all over the country...

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